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Meet the Photographer

I was born in 1972 in Cyprus. I am in the IT industry. I am a self-taught photographer. I take photos all my life, and in recent years I have joined photography clubs , including the Cyprus Photographic Society.


Thanks to the clubs, I constantly expand my knowledge in photography, and also try peak new challenges in various photography themes.

In the recent years I began to expand my portfolio in indoors and outdoor portraits. 

By photographing, we can learn a lot about life, and by living - about photography. There is one lesson that I find useful both in my life and in my photography:


The amount of light you allow, the time length you allow the light , and how sensitive you are in light will result to either a good and bad frame. The same applies in life as well. 

But most importantly don't be afraid to fail. You can always try once more changing your perspective . Both life and composition is in your hands

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